Auto Repair Shops and Network Marketing - Match Made in Heaven?

Published: 20th September 2011
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For an auto repair shop, occasionally it may be tough to discover a marketing technique that works well and doesn't break the shop's bank as far as advertising goes.

Network marketing is really a inexpensive marketing technique that may be beneficial to auto repair shops, but for numerous it seems an unlikely match. Comprehend how network marketing works, what it indicates for your auto repair shop and how you can put it to great use is important if you're to make the most of this "match created in heaven."

How Network Marketing Works

Network marketing is, at its fundamental definition, word-of-mouth marketing. The idea is that a business develops network contacts in other related businesses and in businesses throughout the community and commences to promoting one business if they do the same for it. For auto repair shops, this could mean businesses like auto parts stores, specialized mechanics nearby, or local charities that use your auto shop as a sponsor for fundraisers and community events.

What That Means for You

The basics of network marketing are so simple it seems too good to be accurate, but what does that mean for you? Put simply, auto repair continues to be a field in which recommendations by buddies prevail over the flashiest marketing methods. Auto repair appears to be an perfect field in which network marketing works well - reciprocal promotion between two businesses. This means you've a fairly small amount of work to do, such as publicly supporting your network contacts, recommending them to people you know, and co-sponsoring events to show your support of every other. All of these things can be accomplished with small trouble and produce profit and revenue for both parties.

Putting it to Good Use

The key to network marketing, especially for companies like auto repair shops, would be to construct a network gradually based on trust and mutual respect, not to run to the nearest business shouting "be my buddy!" Only do business with companies and individuals you really appreciate for their work, simply because giving out false recommendations is a complicated and dishonest business in itself. Putting network marketing to good use ultimately means a strong, steady community of network contacts that costs nearly nothing to maintain and continually brings in profit for all parties involved, which is extremely advantageous to not just your auto repair shop, but several other small businesses and businesses in your community and surrounding area.

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